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Council on Aging

Welcome to the Harwich Council on Aging website. On this main page and the Outreach Page you will find information that is useful to you and your family. The Council on Aging staff act as advocates for seniors. We provide programs and services for Seniors at the Harwich Community Center as well as link seniors to important supports and services that will help them stay independent and safe in their homes and connected to their community. Please feel free to contact us at 508-430-7550 if you have any questions about the information you find on these pages.


Resource directories for Seniors on Cape Cod

Click here for a directory of resources

Click here for Barnstable County human services information

Click here for Seniors on Cape Cod information


Important links 

 Click here for Elder Services of Cape Cod

Click here for the range of services offered by Hope Health Services

Not sure what you are looking for? Click here for Mass 211.


From The Outreach Office

As we get closer to saying goodbye to Summer, I know I look forward to a "quiet" Autumn and a lot less traffic! I am hoping that everyone is enjoying the last bit of Summer with friends and family. In talking with several people, we have been sharing our sightings of early signs of Fall. It may be due to all the rain we had this summer. As we get closer to Autumn, I guess we will see if these signs mean an early winter. I, for one, am looking forward to a beautiful, long and quiet Autumn!

As always, I want to Thank all of my Volunteers in the Medical Rides Program and the Friendly Visitor Program. I have a great group of Volunteers who are always there for others, giving of their time to make someone else's life just a little easier. Taking people to and from Medical Appointments seems simple, but when you are ill, have no license, or just need a friendly face to go with you to see your Doctor, it means so much. And giving someone who is homebound an hour of friendship every week, well, that act of kindness and friendship cannot be measured. Giving them something to look forward to every week is a great gift. Thank you to all of my Volunteers who make my job so rewarding. Because of you, life is a little easier, more comfortable, and richer because you are there for someone who needs you.  

Thank You! 

Beth McCormick


The Friendly Visitor Program                                                                                                           

Do you know a homebound Senior who would benefit from a Friendly Visitor? The visit can be around something that interests the Senior that perhaps they don't get to do anymore such as playing cards, cribbage, bird watching, or just conversation. Our volunteer will come and visit for an hour a week, giving the Senior a time to socialize-something that is missing from their lives due to many different reasons. Most of our Seniors look forward to that visit, giving them a time to do something that they have always enjoyed but now miss.
If you or someone you know would be interested in getting a Friendly Visitor, volunteering for this program, or have any questions that we could answer for you, please call Beth at the Outreach Office for further information.
(508) 430-7550 extension 13     
Thank You!
Volunteer Drivers Needed For Our "Medical Rides Program"
For our Volunteer drivers are enlisted specifically to take someone to a medical app’t either locally or beyond our local area such as Yarmouth or Hyannis. You can let us know what your preferences are as far as the area you are willing to drive to, days of the week that are good for you, and even the time of day you are willing to drive!
We accommodate your availability. If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering for this program, or have any questions that we could answer for you, please call Beth at the Outreach Office for further information.
(508) 430-7550 extension 13     
Thank You!                      

 VNA Clinics Offering Shingles Vaccine

The VNA of Cape Cod is currently accepting appointments to receive the Shingles Vaccine. The clinics are being held for all participants, who must be 50 years of age and older, in the Dennis Office on Rt. 134. The cost of the Vaccine is $205. Some of that cost can be billed to Medicare Part D.

Appointments are Necessary!

Contact: Public Health & Wellness @ 508-957-7423 to obtain information about the Vaccine and to make an appointment. These clinics are held monthly.






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