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Community Center Use Policy



This policy prescribes the rules and regulations under which the Harwich Community Center facilities and equipment may be made available for use by non Council of Aging and non Recreation and Youth Departments. Community groups wishing to use the Community Center must make application each year for the ensuing year. Applications will be accepted each June, from Harwich based Groups for the following July through June. Questions concerning the interpretation of this policy will be referred to the Community Center Director.


The facilities and equipment of the Harwich Community Center are first and foremost for the use of residents of the Town of Harwich (as defined in the Mission Statement) through the regularly scheduled programs of the Council on Aging and the Recreation and Youth Department. When these facilities are not in use by participants in these activities, they may be reserved by Harwich based Social, Educational, Hobby, Civic, Cultural and Community Service groups.

The Harwich Community Center will make its facilities and equipment available to Harwich residents and/or groups whose membership and activities provide services of concern for residents of Harwich, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Harwich Community Center Facilities Committee. The use of the facilities for personal or corporate profit is prohibited.


All groups will be required to designate an individual, 21 years of age or older who will be responsible for the conduct of the group. This designated group leader must meet with the Community Center Director prior to the anticipated use to review this policy, rules and regulations and be oriented regarding the facility and/ or equipment to be
used. The Community Center will require a minimum ratio of adult supervisors (21 years of age or older) as follows:

1 adult to 8 children, age 48 months to 60 months, no more than 16 per group

1 adult to 12 children, age 60 months to 72 months, no more than 24 per group.
1 adult to 12 children, age 72 months to 108 months, no more than 24 per group.
1 adult to 15 children, 108 months to 144 months, no more than 24 per group
1 adult to 15 children, age 12 to 15 years of age, no more than 25 per group
1 adult to 20 youth, age 15 to 19 years of age, no more than 30 per group.

This ratio may be achieved by the use of additional qualified volunteers of the group and/or Recreation and Youth Staff. The Community Center reserves the right to assign the appropriate number of staff necessary to supervise any function with the cost assessed to the group.

Dances and Teen Age Parties must be supervised by a minimum of one adult for every 15 youth participants. Names and addresses of said chaperones must be submitted to the Community Center Director at least 72 hours prior to the event.

The Community Center reserves the right to require police supervision to be paid for by the organization using the facilities. The need for such supervision shall be determined by the Community Center Director, at the time of application approval.


When utilizing craft materials of any kind tables and floors must be covered at all times. Requests for special craft tables should be made when scheduling the room or 24 hours in advance of use.

The Community Center has a TV and VCR, a large screen (that must remain in the Multipurpose Room) and three podiums with microphones that are available for groups and activities. Prior arrangements must be made with the Community Center Director 24 hours in advance of requested use. A $25 (check only) deposit is required for us of any audio visual equipment.

Custodians may not set up audio-visual equipment with out prior, written instruction by the Community Center Director.


Smoking, consumption of alcohol and the use or sale of illegal drugs is specifically prohibited anywhere on the property or in the facilities. The Community Center reserves the right to dismiss any individual and/or group that does not maintain the rules of conduct.


Activities of many dimensions are encouraged for educational, information and or service to Harwich residents. Individuals and groups may be recruited or offer their services as instructors. When a stipend is required, payment will be provided through appropriate accounting procedures and in accordance with the applicable tax code. (Fee for service or Independent Contractor Agreement.)

Under no conditions may the facilities be used to conduct business and/or to sell products for personal or corporate profit.


Art Shows and Displays may be scheduled when time and facilities permit. It is the intent of the Community Center to make space available for organizations and groups to share their talent, skill and expertise for the benefit of all members of the community. The sale of goods and services for personal profit is prohibited.


Benefits for “Not for Profit” or “Community” organizations may be conducted from time to time. The purpose and benefits must be approved by the Community Center Facilities Committee, or its designee.


All groups will be requested to, when applicable, provide a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) naming the Town of Harwich “additional Insured” prior to use of the Center. Vendors related to groups using the facilities and/or equipment shall also provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Community Center Director.

Applicability will be determined by the size of the group, scope of meeting, time involved and element of risk determined by the Coummunity Center Director.


The individual responsible for the group and the group as a whole shall be responsible for all damage to the building, property and/or equipment caused by the group. Thereafter, a security deposit may be required. The group will be notified within 36 hours of the damage, provided an itemized list of damages and estimated cost of repairs. Payment will be required in 30 days. Failure to make payment may result in suspension of further use of the Community Center. Multiple or consecutive damage by a group or individual may result in barring Community Center participation.


The Community Center assumes no responsibility for the personal property of individuals or groups utilizing the facilities and/or property.


Admission fees shall not be charged without prior written approval of the Community Center Facilities Committee, or its designee.


Use of a caterer and/or entertainment shall be subject to the approval of the Community Center Facilities Director and the Board of Selectmen. Musical entertainment shall cease no later than eleven P. M.

The Kitchen of the Community Center is designed to be used by caterers and community groups serving refreshments and light meals. The use of the kitchen shall require prior approval of the Community Center Director. A $50 fee will be required for maintenance and clean up.

Prior to use by any group and/or staff the USER is required to read , become knowledgeable concerning the KITCHEN HANDBOOK, and sign off on the form provided by the Community Center Director.

Priority use will be for the Community Meals on Wheels Program, and programs established by the Council on Aging and the Recreation and Youth Departments.

Access to the Kitchen must be arranged with the Community Center Director or her designee.

Only one side of the refrigerator may be used by occasional users for the temporary storage of food prior to its service. Left over food must be removed from the premises immediately by the caterer or event organizer after the close of the event.

Utensils and serving supplies must be thoroughly cleaned and put away in proper places.

Counters and tables, must be washed and all equipment cleaned to Board of Health Standards (posted in the kitchen).

Custodians will open, close, monitor and report violation of improper use and/or cleanliness.


The Play Room is currently used Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings by Massachusetts Family Network - Harwich Community Partnership Council for Early Childhood program and Wednesday morning by the Town Nurse.
Groups and individual use of the room may be scheduled for children’s play groups provided parents are present.

Other usage may be scheduled through the Community Center Director if a certified child care provider is present and age appropriate supervision is maintained.


Individuals must sign a Hold Harmless agreement prior to using the exercise equipment.

Individuals using the Exercise Room do so at his/her own risk.

Individuals using the Exercise room must be Harwich residents. (See Mission Statement for definition )

Anyone interested in using the Exercise equipment must go through a brief instructional
workshop on proper use of the equipment by a member of the community center staff trained on the equipment.

After completing the instructional workshop an ID card will be issued and must be shown each time the equipment is used.

Every individual must fill out an emergency card before using the room.

Persons younger than 16 years of age will not be allowed in the exercise room.

Persons aged 16 - 18 must have a permission slip signed by parent or legal guardian.

The Exercise Room is available on a first come first serve basis.

A minimum of two (2) people and a maximum of twenty (20) people are allowed in the Exercise Room at the same time.

A time limit of 15 minutes per machine with a maximum workout time of one (1) hour is established.

Each user is responsible for cleaning the equipment after each use.

To ensure a safe and pleasant workout environment, participants are reminded that horseplay is not allowed. Individuals wishing to bring audio equipment must use headphones.

No eating or drinking, other than water in plastic bottles, is permitted in the exercise room.

Sport shoes, shorts and shirt must be worn in the exercise room at all times.


The Game Room will be open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM for use by all age groups, except when scheduled by the Recreation and Youth Department of other Community Group.

Children under ten years of age must have adult and/or parent supervision present in the game room at all times.

Additional hours may be available upon request to the Center Director.


Decorations for any event may be used only upon prior approval of the Community Center Director. Only BLUE GUM may be used to adhere decorations or signs to the walls. The room must be left in the condition in which it was found with decorations and signs removed by the group. The custodian should be consulted on clean up before the group leaves the building


Posting for any community event or activity within the Town of Harwich is permitted. A maximum of three (3) posters are permitted in the building. Events may be posted three (3) weeks prior to the event date. Posting of signs or notices must be approved by the Community Center Director and will be put up by Community Center Staff, and be only in designated areas.


Administration of this policy/agreement shall be the responsibility of the Community Center Director. Exceptions to the policy shall be approved by the Community Center Facility Committee.


Approved: Community Center Facilities Committee
Date: May 9, 2001.

Approved: Board of Selectmen:
Date: July 2, 2001.

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